Neurosurgeons in Bangalore – Revolutionizing the Approach Towards Traditional Surgery
Neurosurgery is the process of diagnosing the ailments relating to the central nervous system. The doctors use various techniques to find out the cause of anomalies in the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system and treat them to bring back the patient to normalcy. The main aim of the neurosurgery treatment is to provide the same quality of life to the patient before surgery. Many qualified and well-trained neurosurgeons in Bangalore treat diseases relating to the nervous system of the human body. Of late, the medical science relating to neurosurgery has witnessed tremendous growth. There is no need for patients to travel abroad for treatment in neurosurgery. These doctors provide medical care for both children and adult patients.

The Neurosurgeons treat patients with life-threatening conditions as well as the conditions hampering a patient from carrying out day to day activities. According to ClinicSpots, only 30.09% neurosurgeons live in the major metropolitan cities, another 29.54% live in the state capitals and remaining in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, which consists of the major population of India.

The medical science has evolved to an extent where the doctors strive to provide better results using minimally invasive procedures. They perform computer-guided Endoscopic neurosurgery, MRI guided neurosurgery, Ultrasound Neurosurgery to ensure the disease or the nervous disorder doesn’t recur, and the patient leads a better life.

These Specialists treat patients with the following medical conditions like:

Brain tumor, tumor in the patient’s skull or spinal cord.
Brain Aneurysms.
Damaged disc and spinal cord.
Disorders that affect the mobility of the patient like Parkinson’s disease.
Mental disorders of the patients.
Infection in the central nervous system.

There are lots of advancements in this field, and now the doctors do this procedure without any cut or full body anesthesia. There is research going on in the robotic method of surgery to bring the patient back to normal life without much pain or damage. One of the finest developments in neurosurgery is a genetic study to probe into the fact what causes a malignant brain tumor. At present, the doctors do extensive surgery for prolonged hours to remove the tumor completely. Within a few years, the doctors will probably cut open the tumor and remove some parts of it to test and find out the root cause of such a tumor. The doctors will not be doing invasive procedures for long hours putting the life of the patient at stake. The targeted therapy based on genetic study will improve the way of treating patients with brain or spine-related problems.

There are lots of cases wherein the neurosurgeons treated patients with a variety of brain and spine anomalies. There are many cases wherein the doctors had to treat patients with rare diseases like Basilar Top Giant Calcified Aneurysm. This happens when bubbles appear in the brain of the patient and gradually lead to brain hemorrhage. The risk of death in patients with this medical condition is very high. There are some pediatric cases where the children diagnosed with this condition. Usually, only 30 out of 100 patients go back to normal life even after surgery. Many doctors in our country treat this condition.

There are so many talented and renowned neurosurgeons in our country. Dr. Ravi Mohan Rao is the best Neurosurgeon in Bangalore. He is credited with many awards like Padma Shri, Sawastya Bahrat Saman, etc. Dr. Mahesh Chaudari is another talented Neurosurgeon in India. He works with Fortis hospital in Mumbai. Another doctor whom the patients trust when they face a neurological problem is Dr. Rana Patir, who has gained 27 years of experience in this field. He has almost done 27,000 neurological procedures that make him rich with knowledge and experience. With an experience of 41 years, Dr. R. Srinivasa is an eminent neurologist who is fondly remembered by both his students and patients. He is an expert neurological surgeon who not only does procedures, but also trains a lot of to be surgeons in India.

Lots of patients from outside India get world-class treatments here. Of late, medical tourism is growing rapidly. The medical tourism industry would achieve a 200% growth by 2020. The fees here in India is 1/10 of the fees in many developed countries like England and the US. There are many hospitals in India that provide world-class services to the people who come as guests in the anticipation of an outstanding treatment in our country. There is a case of a patient from Somalia, who was constantly complaining about a constant headache.

This is Noor Abdullah, and I come from Somalia. I had a constant headache for the last few years. Initially, the pain was bearable. As time went on, the pain became unbearable. I didn’t know or comprehend what was happening to me. Sometimes I felt so sick and couldn’t do any work. During the later stages of the disease, the pain lasted for long hours that restricted even day to day activities. Usually, I used to get seizures due to this disease and would be in bed for longer hours. I felt as if I was going to lose many of the organs in my body as the limbs were becoming weaker day by day in addition to sensory loss.

When the pain kept increasing, I consulted some doctors who asked me to undergo many checkups and tests. After that, I came to know that the reason for my headache was due to a brain tumor. Hearing this, I was scared and i did not know what was the next step. Then we were told by our friends that the hospitals and doctors in India are quite efficient and they can remove my tumor. By the time it was diagnosed, it has progressed, and many doctors refused to help me. I, as well as my family members, were in deep agony as the disease was in the Advanced stage.

Then I and my family members came to know about the Apollo Hospital in Bangalore. The hospital made all arrangements for a visa for me and the medical attendees. The chief neurosurgeon, Naveen Mehrotra, did the Craniotomy and removed a major portion of the cyst through this procedure. This helped me to get rid of the tumor in my brain. Two weeks post-procedure, I can walk conveniently, can do all my day to day activities without much help. As my cyst was benign, I am completed cured and back to my normal life.

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