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Dr. Moin Mohammed Bhavikatti is One of the Best Laser Turp Urologist in Bangalore, he has completed his M.B.B.S from JNMC Belgaum, followed by M.S (General surgery) from JSS Medical college. Thereby, he joined Super Specialty in Mch (Urology) in Government Medical College VIMS, Bellary and also completed DNB (Urology). Furthermore, all the admissions were on meritorious grounds in reputed and recognized colleges in the country.

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Post Mch, his everlasting zeal of transforming to minimally invasive urologist continued and got selected for Laparoscopy Fellowship in New Delhi and has obtained F.MAS (Fellowship Minimal Acess Surgery) and D.MAS (Diploma in Minimal Acess Surgery) according to WALS & SAGES criteria from World Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi.
Dr Moin Mohammed Bhavikatti has attained Robotic Training in New Delhi and thereby has obtained FICRS degree (Fellowship International Collegiate of Robotic Surgeons) and joined the pool of Robotic surgeons in India from World Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi.

3D Laparoscopy Fellowship

Furthermore, Dr Moin Mohammed Bhavikatti got selected for 3D Laparoscopy Fellowship under Dr. George P Abraham at PVS and Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi affiliated to Aesculap Academy, Germany and got trained in all advanced Laparoscopic Urology procedures.

RIRS FELLOWSHIP traning under Dr. Prabhakaran in Kalyani Kidney Care Center, Erode, Tamil Nadu and successfully completed the same. Furthermore did his RENAL TRANSPLANTATION training in LIVE DONAR and CADAVERIC RENAL TRANSPLANTATION and performed procedures independently in Kochi.

Robotic Fellowship

Dr. Moin Mohammed Bhavikatti got selected on a competitive basis and joined Robotic Fellowship in the University of Heidelberg, Germany and successfully completed Robotic fellowship and also Avicennia Robotic Laser Endourology and Advanced Laprascopy training under Prof. Dr. Rasweiller who is a pioneer of Robotics, Laser and Laparoscopy in Europe.After coming back to India currently working as Consultant Urologist and Transplant Surgeon in BGS Hospital, Bangalore.

Dr Moin's Specialities



A minimally invasive and less traumatic treatment by using a special instrument called Da Vinci surgical system which is performed by using finely controlled robotic instrument consisting of a high-resolution camera and microsurgical instruments which are inserted into the abdomen through several small incisions and the surgeon removes the prostate.



In intrabdominal testis, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia by inserting a telescopic port through the umbilical area after making an incision. In cases of small tumors the surgeon remove the tumor and small margin of healthy tissue surrounding it instead of entire kidney, it is performed laparoscopically or robotically assisted by making a small incision on the abdominal wall.



RIRS is a procedure performed by a specialist under general anesthesia by using a fiber optic endoscope, and TURP is a urological procedure to remove the excessive growth of the prostate gland resulting from BPH. Its performed under general anesthesia the urologist uses a thin metal tube containing a light, camera and a loop wire called resectoscope.



This procedure is performed by urologists under general anesthesia, by making a circumcisional incision on the penis to remove the outer layer of skin.If Penile Cancer cancer has grown deeply inside the penis the goal is to remove all cancer and some of the normal looking penis.

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